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G For Good Limited is part of the New World Group and we adopt the New World Group Privacy Policy Statement. You can find out more about our policy on personal data protection by accessing the New World Group Privacy Policy Statement available at If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the New World Group Privacy Policy Statement and this Statement, this Statement shall prevail.

Please also see the New World Group Privacy Policy Statement for our policies and information about;

  • our collection and/or use of log files (data relating to your use of/visits to this website, including but not limited to your IP address, domain name, browser type and access time);
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  • retention of your personal data;
  • third party merchants and/or websites that may be contained in this website;
  • how we keep your personal data secure;
  • use of your personal data in legal proceedings.


If you have any questions or wish to access or correct your personal data or withdraw your consent to the use of your personal data held by us, please contact our Personal Data Privacy Officer at:

30th Floor, New World Tower,
18 Queen’s Road Central,
Hong Kong
Personal Data Privacy Officer (Legal Department) 
(Marked Confidential, and with the name of G For Good Limited)

or by email at or


G For Good Limited 隸屬於新世界集團及我們採用新世界集團私隱政策聲明。您可以瀏覽 上提供的新世界集團私隱政策聲明,瞭解我們有關個人資料保護政策的更多信息。如果新世界集團私隱政策聲明與本聲明之間存在任何不一致或衝突,則以本聲明爲準。


  • 本公司對日誌文件的收集和/或使用(與您使用/訪問此網站有關的數據,包括但不限於您的 IP 地址、域名、瀏覽器類型和訪問時間);
  • Cookies 和其他追蹤機制的使用;
  • 保留您的個人資料;
  • 在此網站中可能包含的第三方商戶和/或網站;
  • 我們如何保護您的個人資料安全;
  • 在法律訴訟中使用您的個人資料。



香港中環皇后大道中 18 號
新世界大廈 30 樓
收件人:個人資料私隱主任 (法律部)
(標記爲機密,並填上G For Good Limited 名字)