Be an outlier with an entrepreneurial outlook.

We have a natural blame instinct. When things do not go our way, we like to blame bad luck, blame uncertainty, and blame others for unfavorable outcomes. After all, it is much easier to point out how others can be better than to look ourselves in the mirror and ask, how can I be better?

But ultimately, when everyone blames, who is the one to solve problems or drive success? How will our society be better?

This is why we organise OUTLIER 2020, a not-for-profit initiative curated by AIESEC Hong Kong, together with G For Good, that harnesses the creativity of 210 young people to innovate profitable business ideas that create shared value for a better society.

Our goal is to nurture outliers who see challenges as opportunities to change, who drive changes starting from themselves, who are entrepreneurial leaders that inspire hope, while bringing entrepreneurs, impact leaders, youths and the general public together, transforming Hong Kong into a leading hub of doing business for good.


Creating Shared Value (CSV), is a new way to achieve economic success. The principle of shared value blurs the line between for-profit and non-profit organisations as the competitive position of a company and the health of the community are interdependent. By addressing the social needs and challenges, companies can generate economic value by creating societal value.


A lot of corporations talk about corporate social responsibility (CSR), but few talk about creating shared value (CSV). The hallmarks of CSR practice is an obligation to ‘give back’. to display good corporate citizenship or achieve public relations outcomes but it does not embed societal challenges into the core of business objectives.


Undergraduates from all tertiary institutions in Hong Kong are welcome to apply on an individual or team basis (5 in a team).

Round 1 Admission Fee: $250 pax
Round 2 Admission Fee: $350 pax

You will only have to pay once your participation in the challenge is confirmed.


  • 27th March 2019

    1st Round Application Opens

  • 8th May 2020

    1st Round Application Deadline

  • 5th June 2020

    2nd Round application deadline

  • 27-28th June 2020

    Design Thinking and Project Ideation

  • 12th July 2020

    Grand Finale

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