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Diagram showing the Sweet Spot of Shared Value

What is Creating Shared Value?

A lot of corporations talk about corporate social responsibility (CSR), but few talk about creating shared value (CSV). The hallmarks of CSR practice is an obligation to ‘give back’. to display good corporate citizenship or achieve public relations outcomes but it does not embed societal challenges into the core of business objectives.



Enabling Smart Living Through Creating Shared Value

Impact compounds when ideas are met with technology. To maximise companies’ societal impact and business potential, the best way to do it is to harness smart living technologies that are so pervasive in our daily lives. From now on, the impact of CSV is no longer limited to the underprivileged, but touches every individual of the community, to live smarter.

What is Smart Living?

Smart living is not just about digitalization. Smart living goes further beyond. From transportation and payment to healthcare and recreation, smart living technologies intercept at all levels of our daily lives. By providing innovative solutions such as immersive reality, sensors, internet of things, and big data analysis, we could transform our way of living, making it more efficient, comfortable, safe, and sustainable.


Undergraduate students from all tertiary institutions in Hong Kong are welcome to apply for the Challenge in teams of 4-5. There are NO RESTRICTIONS on year of study, nationality and academic curriculum. Application Fee: 80 HKD per participant (Early-bird Discount)


Application Opened: 23 December 2021
Early-bird Application Closed: 8 January 2022
Application Closed: 22 January 2022 Design Thinking Bootcamp: 12-13 February 2022 Grand Finale: 22 February 2022
Happy Group of Students


The Three Tracks


Consumerism and Circular Economy

Sponsored by Nan Fung Group

How might we realign consumers, businesses and other stakeholders in driving sustainable development along production and consumption chains?



Sponsored by Amazon Web Services

How might we leverage new technologies to find innovative ways to transform the education sector for a better learning and teaching experience?


Mental Health

Sponsored by Jardine Matheson

How might we influence, educate and equip today’s youth to focus on and enhance their mental health?